Food for Fertility, Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Functional Food

Fully-prepared meals for maternal health and fetal development.

Packed with key vitamins and minerals to support the unique nutritional needs of: fertility, pregnancy, postpartum recovery and breastfeeding. 

How It Works

Easy to order, easy to eat. No work required.

Sample Menu

A day in the life of Barley + Oats

All of our ingredients are of the highest nutritional integrity and we never use any dairy, wheat, soy, caffeine or refined-sugar. Easy digestion, better nutrition.

Subscription Meal Plans

So mom has one less thing to think about.

Cancel Anytime

Don't worry. You can cancel your plan from the customer portal at any time. Or email us to freeze your subscription if you're going out of town.

What Our Customers Say

"I just want to let you know that your food is DELICIOUS and I am so happy that your service exists! I am definitely eating healthier for me and my new baby, spending less money than if I got delivery, and enjoying every single bite in the process. Thank you!!!"

- Kai, new mama

"I have LOVED your food and service. I was so impressed with the quality and the attention to nutrients. I had a private chef delivering weekly meals before I discovered you guys and her food wasn't half as tasty or well organized as yours is. It was such a stress reliever to count on you guys and know I was eating right for my baby."

- Alison, NY mom

"Oh my gosh I LOVE this service it's the best food I've ever had :))"

- Sam, pregnant

"Barley + Oats is the one easy thing in my life."

— Ariella, mom of two


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